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Introduction & Unboxing


Congratulations on your purchase of the your 4 Axis CNC Machine!

Featuring a combination of HIWIN Linear guides & Ball Screws for the X, Y & Z axis, and a Precision Gearbox for the A Axis, your machine offers flexural strength and rigidity unmatched in its category, while Hiwin Balls Screws give you repeat positioning accuracy of under 50 microns. 

The 4th Axis utilizes a high precision Made in India WormGearbox, that gives you a guaranteed backlash of <5 / <10 Arc Minutes, depending on your model.

Our composite superstructure along with these high-precision parts ensures a chatter-free, highly damped and accurate positioning system.

Hybrid Stepper motors from Mechtex and resonance compensated stepper motor drivers from Tiny Controls give your machine a smooth drive system that pushes it to travel speeds of 6 Meters / minute.

The Teknomotor spindle is driven by a Delta VFD and can process a variety of materials depending on your model. You can refer to the specifications in the table below.

  • CXC4 – Mighty XL Std – Link
  • CXC4 – Mighty XL Pro – Link
  • CXC4 – Majestic Std – Link
  • CXC4 – Majestic Pro – Link
  • CXC4 – Majestic XL Std – Link
  • CXC4 – Majestic XL Pro – Link
  • CXC4 – MEGA 53 Std – Link
  • CXC4 – MEGA 53 Pro – Link 

The high composite content in the frame ensures long mechanical accuracy due to better modulus of elasticity and loss co-efficient than materials used in other CNC’s in this class, allowing us to offer you unmatched warranty options

Your CXC4 CNC uses a Parallel Port Breakout Board controller that needs to connect to a PC with the same port. We use LinuxCNC with Probaisc Interface as the control software to give you an open source, cost-effective yet reliable option.

This CNC is proudly Made in India with over 75% local content, with the rest of the components sourced from quality-conscious OEM’s in Germany, Italy, Japan and Taiwan.

We at Akriti, hope you have a wonderful experience using your CXC4 CNC and encourage you to share your feedback and experiences.

Happy Machining!

Engineer, Beautiful!

Out of the Box

The CXC3 Mighty XL comes as a fully built unit requiring no assembly and is packed in a Wooden Box with the Control Board placed on the work area of the CNC Machine as shown in the below images.

*Indicative images

Initial Unboxing

The following steps should walk you through the initial unboxing.

  • Unwrap the plastic and bubble wrap from the outside of the box.
  • Cut the retainer straps from outside the wooden box.
  • Unscrew the L Angles from the top & all sides of the box, removing all panels, one by one.
    • Be careful of the L angles screwed to the base as they cannot be removed easily.
  • Cut the retainer straps that hold the CNC base to the wooden box.
  • Lift & Remove the machine from the base and place it on your work table
    1. CAUTION – Do not lift the machine with the ball screws, else they will bend impacting the accuracy of your machining.
  • Cut the retainer straps that hold down the control board to the CNC work area & place it on one side according to your convenience.

And that’s it – Your machine is ready for initial setup and use.

Unboxing – Video Instructions (Generic)

* Instead of a USB cable you will connect a Parallel port cable provided with the machine.

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