What is CXC3

It is a series of 3 axis CNC machines built using composite frame structures combined with steel. Check out our products here.

Our Products

We are building a series of products catering from the entry to professional level. A desktop CNC that will mill hard materials e.g. steel will be launched in Q3 2021

What is Special about them ?

Combining the best properties of Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass, Stainless Steel & Alumininum, our machines offer superior flexural strength, rigidity & dampening properties.

High Precision dEVICE

Our current product called CXC3-Mighty will provide <50 Micron repeat positioning accuracy. Our next series of professional product will have even higher precision of less than <20 Microns

What's different from the competition?

  1. World’s first composite structure CNC
  2. Our patented design for the machine.
  3. Our unique ACLGS system on CXC3-Mighty
  4. Stronger structure than Aluminium Profile CNC’s
  5. Open Source & Easily Upgradable Software Platform

Is this made in India ?

Yes, Akriti manufactures all its products in India with up to 70% of product value manufactured by us or sourced from Indian Companies. We have taken great care to procure parts from Italy, Germany Taiwan & Japan. Our products have either ZERO parts frrom China or are kept at < 1% of product value.

Product Videos

CXC3 - Mighty

CXC3 - Mighty XL

CXC3 - Majestic

CXC3 - Majestic XL