Waterbath for 3Axis CNC Machines

A removeable waterbath to be mounted on our 3Axis CNC Machines for you to soak the work materials/stock that can generate a lot of harmful dust like composites, granite, marble, etc. This will allow for underwater cutting with the spindle, keeping everything cool.

Made with the same materials ( composites) as our CNC machine it also has Aluminium profiles to hold the stock/material.

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Made with Composite Base & Acrylic Walls, water inlet and outlet. Removable when needed and installed with T-Nuts on the base.

Compatible with 3 Axis CNC Machines only. With this implementation you dont lose your X/Y working area. Only Z Axis travel is impacted.

Build Area Options – 

  1. 600 x 400 MM  (Mighty, Majestic)
  2. 900 x 600 MM  (Mighty XL, Majestic XL)
  3. 1500 x 900 MM (Mega 53)
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