Z-Axis Tool Setting Gauge, Normally Close

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Tool Setting Gauge, Normally close, 2-meter cable, 4 wire.

Using a Z-axis tool setting gauge that is normally closed offers several advantages in machining and tooling applications. Here are some benefits:

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Z Axis Tool Setting Gauge - Normally Closed


  • Contact Sensing: Normally closed tool setting gauges utilize contact sensing. When the tool touches the gauge’s contact surface, it triggers a change in the switch’s state, indicating that the tool has made contact. This provides a reliable and consistent method for tool height detection.
  • Immediate Feedback: With a normally closed gauge, as soon as the tool contacts the gauge’s surface, it triggers the switch, providing immediate feedback to the machine control system. This quick response allows for rapid tool height measurement and reduces machine idle time.
  • Accurate Measurement: By using a normally closed tool setting gauge, the machine control system can precisely measure the tool’s height or position in relation to the workpiece. This accuracy ensures consistent machining operations and helps achieve precise part dimensions.
  • Error Detection: A normally closed tool setting gauge can detect errors such as tool breakage or improper contact. If the tool fails to make contact with the gauge, it indicates a potential problem, and the machine control system can alert the operator or take corrective action to avoid machining errors.
  • Process Control: By integrating a normally closed tool setting gauge with the machine control system, you can establish tighter process control. The system can automatically adjust tool offsets based on the measured tool height, ensuring precise machining and minimizing dimensional variations.
  • Compatibility: Normally closed tool setting gauges are compatible with a wide range of machine tools, including CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders, and more. They can be easily integrated into existing setups, making them versatile and suitable for various machining applications.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up a normally closed tool setting gauge is typically straightforward. The gauge’s contact surface is positioned at a known reference point, and the machine control system is calibrated to recognize the change in the switch’s state when the tool touches the surface.
  • Increased Productivity: Using a normally closed tool setting gauge reduces setup time and eliminates the need for manual measurements or trial-and-error adjustments. This efficiency leads to increased productivity by minimizing idle time and allowing for faster tool changes.
  • Tool Protection: By accurately measuring the tool’s height, a normally closed tool setting gauge helps protect the tool from excessive wear or damage. Proper tool positioning ensures optimal cutting conditions, prolonging the tool’s lifespan and reducing replacement costs.

In summary, a Z-Axis Tool Setting Gauge that is normally closed offers accurate measurement, immediate feedback, error detection, and improved process control. It enhances productivity, protects the tool, and is compatible with various machine tools, making it a valuable asset in machining operations.

SKU – TM26D-Close