Mini Acrylic Laser Cutting Machines – Akriti’s CXC3 Meteor & Meteor XL Models

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Calling all hobbyists, crafters, and aspiring entrepreneurs! Do you dream of transforming acrylic sheets into stunning creations but lack the space or budget for industrial machinery? Well, fret no more! Akriti Precision Systems, based in Bangalore, India, brings you the game-changing CXC3 Meteor and Meteor XL – mini acrylic laser cutting machines designed to supercharge your making potential.

Precision Cutting Made Simple

The Meteor model has a work area of 400x300x100mm & the Meteor XL an area of 600x400mmx150mm, offering ample room for your acrylic masterpieces. But don’t let their mini size fool you. The CXC3 Meteor series packs a powerful punch, featuring a high-precision laser and spindle combo.

The Power of Two: Laser or Spindle, You Decide!

Need to make intricate cuts with a smooth, polished finish? The laser attachment on the CXC3 Meteor is your perfect partner. This allows for laser engraving and cutting on a variety of soft materials, including acrylic, wood, and even plastic.

However, if your project demands a more robust cutting approach, the CXC3 Meteor has you covered. Simply switch to the spindle attachment for clean, powerful cuts on even thicker acrylic sheets.

Intuitive Operation for Seamless Crafting

Akriti understands that user-friendliness is paramount. The CXC3 series is designed with an intuitive control system, making it a breeze to operate for beginners and seasoned makers alike. With its USB interface and compatible software, you’ll be crafting like a pro in no time.

From Hobby to Business: Unleash Your Potential

The CXC3 Meteor and Meteor XL are perfect for a range of applications, from personalized gifts and home décor to product prototyping and small-scale manufacturing. Their compact size makes them ideal for workshops with limited space, while their versatility allows you to explore a vast array of creative projects.

Invest in Your Making Journey

Akriti’s CXC3 Meteor series are more than just mini acrylic laser cutting machines; it’s a gateway to endless creative possibilities. With its precision, versatility, and user-friendly design, the CXC3 empowers you to turn your ideas into reality, whether you’re a passionate hobbyist or a budding entrepreneur.

Ready to embrace the world of mini acrylic laser cutting? Visit Akriti Precision Systems today and discover the CXC3 Meteor and Meteor XL – your gateway to a world of creative possibilities!

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