CXC3 Meteor XL – 3 Axis Laser & CNC Combo Machine

CXC3 Meteor XL – Cnc & Laser Combo Machine

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CNC & Laser Combo Machine

Forget limitations, embrace innovation! Unleash your creativity with the Meteor XL, a revolutionary CNC & Laser Combo Machine from Akriti Precision Systems. This robust machine empowers you to tackle both large-scale and intricate projects. Its spacious work area (600 x 400 x 150 mm) is perfect for crafting jewelry, custom phone cases, or detailed model parts with the CNC function. But that’s not all! The integrated laser opens up a world of possibilities for precise engraving, etching, and personalization.

The Italian-made Teknomotor spindle ensures unmatched precision, while user-friendly controls and an automatic tool changer keep operation smooth. Akriti’s commitment shines through with a lifetime warranty on the superstructure and comprehensive part warranties. The Meteor XL becomes your trusted partner, ensuring years of reliable performance. Perfect for experienced users and businesses seeking a powerful solution, conquer diverse challenges with this game-changing machine. Don’t just dream, create – the Meteor XL CNC & Laser Combo Machine​ awaits to be your partner in innovation.


made in india



<50 Micron Repeat positioning


Open Source

Online & Remote
Support Options


Authorized dealer

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

CXC3-Meteor XL

Dimensions (Outer) - Length

1000 MM / 100 CM / 40 In / 3.3 Ft

Dimensions (Outer) - Width

700 MM / 70 CM / 28 In / 2.3 Ft

Dimensions (Outer) - Height

500 MM / 50 CM / 20 In / 1.7 Ft

Dimensions (Build / Cutting Area)

400 MM / 40 CM / 16 In / 1.3 Ft.

Dimensions (Build / Cutting Area)

600 MM / 60 CM / 24 In / 2 Ft.

Dimensions (Build / Cutting Area)

150 MM / 15 CM / 06 In / 0.5 Ft.

Max Stock Height (Z Axis)

170 MM / 17 CM / 07 In / 0.6 Ft.

Electronics Board - Dimensions

360 (L) x 360 (W) x 190 (H) (MM)


Akriti Composite Superstructure

Max Travel Speed (X Axis)

4 Meters / Minute

Max Travel Speed (Y Axis)

4 Meters / Minute

Max Travel Speed (Z Axis)

4 Meters / Minute

Spindle - Brand

Teknomotor - Air Cooled

Spindle - Model


Spindle - Bearings

Double Bearing

Spindle - Power

0.73 KW / 1 HP

Spindle - Voltage in Volts

380 / 220

Spindle - MAX FREQ. HZ

300 Hz

Spindle - MAX RPM

Max 24,000 RPM

Spindle - Current in Amps (Star / Delta )

2.1 / 3.6 A

Spindle - Weight

3.9 KGs / 8.6 LBS

Spindle - Collet

ER 20

Spindle Maximum Run-out

Less than 20 Microns / 0.02 MM

Spindle - Materials Capability

Soft Materials - Wood, MDF, Plywood, Acrylic, Plastics, PEEK, Delrin, Rubber, Silicon, Composites, Foam, PCB, Styrofoam

Drive - X Axis

Hiwin Rolled Ball Screw & Nut - 16 MM

Drive - Y Axis

Hiwin Rolled Ball Screw & Nut - 16 MM

Drive - Z Axis

Hiwin Rolled Ball Screw & Nut - 16 MM

Guides - X Axis

Hiwin/GLT 20 MM Linear Guide & Block

Guides - Y Axis

Hiwin/GLT 20 MM Linear Guide & Block

Guides - Z Axis

Hiwin/GLT 20 MM Linear Guide & Block

Ball Screw Nut Type

Square Nut Implementation

Stepper Motor (X & Y Axis) - Model

NEMA 24, Bipolar - Stepper Motor (Made in India)

Stepper Motor (X & Y Axis) - Motor type

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor (X & Y Axis) - No. of steps/rotation


Stepper Motor (X & Y Axis) - Holding Torque

300 NCm

Stepper Motor (Z Axis) - Model

NEMA 23, Bipolar - Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor (Z Axis) - Motor type

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor (Z Axis) - No. of steps/rotation


Stepper Motor (Z Axis) - Holding Torque

110 NCm

Repeat Positioning Accuracy

<50 Microns / <0.05 MM

Single Step Movement by Stepper

2.5 Microns / 0.0025 MM

Stepper Motor Drivers - Max Current


Stepper Motor Drivers - Voltage Input

24 - 48 Volts DC

Stepper Loop Type

Open Loop

Spindle Control

VFD - Spindle Control

Stock / Material Fixturing Support

Aluminium - M5 T-slot Profiles - Pre-installed


Simultaneous 3 Axis Motion - Full Interpolation

Machine Movement Type

Fixed Gantry System

Power Input

Single Phase Input - 220V / 110V


16 Amp Plug Point Required

Power Supply

36 V 10 Amp - SMPS


Arduino - USB

Ship Configuration

Ships Fully Assembled with selected accessories

Continuous Operations

Certified for 24/7 Operations


1 Year Warranty - All Parts Covered

Extended Warranty

Up to 10 Years Extended Warranty - Optional

Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts - Optional


CE Certified

CAM Support

Fully compliant with GCODE / MCODE (GRBL)

OS Support

Windows XP (64 bit), 7, 8, 10, 11, MacOS X, Linux (any), Raspberry Pi / ARM

Minimum Control PC Specification

2GB of RAM and a 1280 x 768 screen size

Recommended Control PC Specification

8GB of RAM, Intel 8th Gen Processor / AMD Zen 3 Architecture Processor & a minimum 1280 x 768 screen size

Included PC Specifications

Not included

Metric / Imperial Support

Supports Both MM & Inches

Calibrated By

All of our measurements are made with Mitutoyo calibrated instruments

Laser - Type

Included - 10W Optical Diode laser

Laser - Beam Width & Wavelength

Wavelength - 450nm
Beam Width - 80 x 80 Micron

Laser - Total Certified Operational Hours

20,000 Hours

Laser - Materials Compatibility

Cutting On - Wood, MDF, Plywood, Acrylic (Coloured), Leather, Fabric, plastics

Engraving / Etching on - Steel, Anodized Aluminium, Stone, Stone, Glass, PCB, Wood, MDF, Plywood, Acrylic (Coloured), Leather, Fabric, plastics etc.

Laser - Power Upgrades

20W / 30 W / 40 W / 60 W Upgrade Options

What's provided with the Machine?

  • Machine

    CNC Laser combo machine w/Electronics Box

  • Cutting Bits

    Milling Bits - 5 PCS,
    ---3MM Dia Single Flute Bit (for Aluminum / Acrylic / ACP)
    ---4MM Dia Straight Bit
    ---6MM Dia Straight Bit
    ---3MM Dia Corn Bit
    ---3MM Dia V Point Carving Bit

  • Collets for Spindle

    ER 16/20/25 Collet (Based on Spindle) - 3 PCS
    ---3MM Dia
    ---4MM Dia
    ---6MM Dia

  • Others

    T Nuts (For Securing the Material) - 10 Pcs
    Spanner Compatible with Spindle Nut with Rubber Grip - 1 Piece
    Long Controller Connector Cable - 1 Piece
    Stock Mounting Bolts & Nuts - 8 Pcs
    Composite Stock Holders - 4 Pcs

The Controller

Arduino Uno R3

Using an Arduino Uno R3 as a controller for CNC machines offers several benefits. First, it provides an affordable and accessible option for hobbyists and small businesses to build their own CNC machines.<p> <p>
The Arduino Uno R3 is widely available and relatively inexpensive, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. Second, the Arduino Uno R3 is easy to use and program, even for those without extensive programming experience.
<p> <p>
Its open-source nature means that there are many resources available online, including tutorials and code libraries, to help users get started. Finally, the Arduino Uno R3 offers flexibility and customization options, allowing users to tailor their CNC machines to their specific needs and preferences.

We offer two additional CNC controller options (Upgrades) that can be configured with our CNC machines to enhance their functionality.

The first option is the Parallel Port Controller, which is made in India and features the LinuxCNC operating system. 

This controller & PC is embedded in the electronics box of the CNC and is an optional upgrade for a touchscreen interface at an additional cost. 

Alternatively we can provide a non-touchscreen option as well.

parallel port controller and pc
ethernet controller and pc

The second option is the Ethernet Controller, manufactured in Hungary. This controller does not include a PC and is designed to work with any Windows computer (not included). 

It provides seamless connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of Windows systems. You can use their own UCCNC Control software or Mach 3/4.

It can be configured with a Touch / Non-Touch PC & monitor combination

Laser Module

Included with the machine is a 10W Optical Power Laser Module With Air Assist — It’s small Size And refined appearance makes it a perfect match for our machine.

  • With Air-assist: Blowing through the air nozzle, which improves cutting performance and reduces burn marks.
  • Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, ultra-fast engraving on stainless steel-30mm/s.
  • Remarkable cutting ability: Cutting through 8 mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 1.5mm/s.
  • Fixed focus laser head: suitable for three-axis engraving machine, easy to install.
  • Original diode: Original diode, high quality, 20,000 hours life time!

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Product Warranty

Regarding warranty offerings, we provide comprehensive coverage to ensure your peace of mind. With our OSL Coverage

One Year

Full Warranty, you can enjoy a worry-free first year of ownership, knowing that any manufacturing defects or issues will be promptly addressed. 

Six Years

Extended Warranty (optional), allowing you to extend the coverage up to a total of 6 years 1 or 3 years, tailored to your needs.


 Lifetime Warranty for the superstructure. This ensures the longevity of your investment and provides enduring protection and assurance. Read more about why we offer this warranty below..

composite superstructure - lifetime warranty

Our products are made from Carbon Fibre & Fibre Glass, Composite Sandwich Structure – Ranging from 5 MM to 25 MM as needed. It provides the following benefits as compared to standard Steel or Aluminium framed CNC’s

  • Metal Fatigue – Doesnt suffer form sagging, hoggingor metal fatigue over time.
  • Vibration Dampening Properties – Composites have a high loss co-efficient and the structure is able to reduce / absorb vibrations leading to reduced chatter when milling / cutting materials
  • Light & Strong – Composites are less dense than steel and are yet comparable to them in Strength & Stiffness

We prepared and got a 6 MM thick piece of composite tested by Underwriters Laboratory. You can access their reports by clicking on theirl logog below.

Tested By

Options, Upgrades & Accessories

Laser Options

5W Optical Output Laser
with Air Assist

20W Optical Output Laser
with Air Assist

30W Optical Output Laser
with Air Assist

Convert your CNC into a 2-in-1 Machine. Laser Modules can be attached with a magnetic jig to the spindle. Perform basic engraving and cutting tasks of various materials.


ParallelPort Controller

Ethernet Controller with UCCNC

Handheld Controller

Coolant & Clamping Systems

38L Coolant Pump & Coolant

Vacuum Clamping System

High Precision Vices, Clamps etc.

Other CNC Accessories/Options

Vacuum Dust Shoe

Bellows & Other Protective Covers

Z Axis Toolsetter Probe

Upgrade - Ground Ball Screws
8 Micron Accuracy Over 300 MM

Spindle Collets, Cutting Bits & Spanners

CNC Waterbath - 3 Axis
3 Sizes - Granite / Composites

Design & Control PC's

Industrial Fanless Control PC with Debian LinuxCNC with
22" 7H Hardness - 10 Point Touchscreen Monitor

Industrial Fanless Control PC with Windows 10 Pro with
22" 7H Hardness - 10 Point Touchscreen Monitor

Warranty Options

1 Year Extended Warranty
- Total 6 Years

3 Year Extended Warranty
- Total 6 Years

Akriti Videos

Videos from Laser Manufacturer

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Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions800 × 600 × 130 mm

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