Teknomotor CNC Spindle – COM51600398 – DB – Ceramic- 6 KW – ER32 – MAX RPM 24000

Teknomotor CNC Spindle – COM51600398
KW – 6.0
V (Δ/Y) – 220/380
MAX FREQ. HZ – 400
MAX RPM – 24,000
CURRENT (Δ/Y) – 21.8 / 12.6
KG’S – 13.64
Bearings – Double Bearing – CERAMIC

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The Teknomotor CNC Spindle COM51600398 is a robust and versatile machining tool designed for precision work across various materials. Crafted in Italy with over 40 years of experience, this spindle combines power, efficiency, and reliability.

Key Specifications:

  • Power: With a substantial 6 KW output, this spindle delivers the muscle needed for demanding tasks.
  • Bearings: Equipped with double steel bearings, it ensures stability and smooth operation.
  • Collet: The ER32 collet system securely holds tools, allowing for precise machining.
  • Maximum RPM: Capable of spinning up to 24,000 revolutions per minute, it accelerates production.
  • Materials Compatibility: The COM51600398 excels in processing a wide range of materials:
    • Aluminium: Ideal for creating intricate profiles and contours.
    • Copper: Efficiently shapes conductive components.
    • Brass: Perfect for ornamental designs and functional parts.
    • Bronze: Suitable for artistic sculptures and mechanical components.
    • Gold and Silver: Craft exquisite jewelry and detailed engravings.
    • Nickel: Precision machining for industrial applications.
    • High-Density Engineering Plastics: Carve intricate prototypes and functional parts.
    • Soft Metals: Including aluminum, copper, and brass.
    • Soft Materials: Such as plastics and composites.


  • Woodworking: The Teknomotor COM51600398 excels in creating intricate patterns, grooves, and edges on wooden surfaces.
  • Metalworking: From aluminum panels to delicate brass components, this spindle ensures precise cuts and smooth finishes.
  • Plastic Fabrication: Whether it’s high-density engineering plastics or softer materials, the spindle delivers accuracy.

Why Choose Teknomotor?

  • Quality: Teknomotor’s decades-long expertise guarantees a reliable and durable product.
  • Performance: Achieve exceptional results with its high rotational speed and power.
  • Versatility: From soft metals to plastics, this spindle adapts to diverse applications.

In summary, the Teknomotor CNC Spindle COM51600398 is an indispensable tool for manufacturers, artisans, and engineers seeking precision, efficiency, and versatility in their machining processes. Whether you’re shaping metals or crafting intricate designs, this spindle delivers excellence

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Additional information

Weight13.65 kg
Dimensions348 × 151 × 102 mm

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