5200 2D & 3D Designs on USB For Laser & CNC

It’s our pleasure to provide you with a collection of approximately 5200+ 2D & 3D Designs on USB For Laser & CNC

These are available under 17 Categories today and they are listed below.


  • If the number of designs increases on our website, we can update the USB for you at a later date
  • a 128 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive will be shipped (Sandisk Preferred)

Designs are being made available without any rights or support & these have been sourced from various locations on the internet.

You are free to use such designs for all commercial and personal works as you see fit.

3,500.00 Price without Tax

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Explore a vast collection of over 5200 high-quality 2D & 3D designs for Laser & CNC (3 & 4 Axis) on a convenient 128GB SanDisk USB 3.0 thumb drive.

Unleash your creativity and take your business to new heights with these exceptional designs. Perfect for both starting a new business venture or enhancing your existing one, this comprehensive collection offers endless possibilities. With precise detailing and optimized compatibility, these designs will streamline your production process and deliver outstanding results.

Boost your business’s efficiency and profitability by accessing these premium designs today. Order your USB thumb drive now with over 5200 high-quality 2D & 3D designs for Laser & CNC and unlock the potential of your Laser & CNC projects.

103 GB of 2D & 3D Designs for Laser & CNC

5200 2D & 3D Designs on USB For Laser & CNC
5200 2D & 3D Designs on USB For Laser & CNC
5200 2D & 3D Designs on USB For Laser & CNC

Design Categories

  • 2D & 3D Miscellaneous Collection – 150+ Files (* New)
  • 2D-Jali_Lattice_or_Mesh_Designs – 303 Files
  • 3D-Animals – 175 Files
  • 3D-Bed – 205 Files
  • 3D-Birds – 51 Files
  • 3D-Borders / Edges – 56 Files
  • 3D-Clock – 76 Files
  • 3D-Decoration – 247 Files
  • 3D-Doors – 1569 Files
  • 3D-Flowers – 1045 Files
  • 3D-Frame – 285 Files
  • 3D-Gods – 385 Files
  • 3D-Legs-Chairs-Tables-Frames – 199 Files
  • 3D-Man – 16 Files
  • 3D-Symbols – 25 Files
  • 3D-Wall Decorations – 417 Files
  • 3D-Woman – 35 Files

* Check your spam / junk folder for verification / password emails

* An account must be created & verified with a valid email ID to access these files.

* No support will be provided for these files. They are being provided in as-is condition.

* You will need the 7ZIP or WinRAR application open soft of the compressed files with extension .7z or .rar. Any of these applications will work for all files.

* Akriti Precision Systems does not take ownership of any of these works and they haven’t been validated for copyrights/file integrity.

* Removal of the concerned file(s) can be done if a valid copyright claim with evidence is filed with us. Message us on for more support.

* We shall not provide access to nor provide links to the ArtCam software itself. Please do not send messages for such a request, they will be ignored.

* Read our blog here on free and paid versions of design software that are available –

– More designs will be added in the future, please look out for changes in the downloadable file size mentioned above

– If downloads are not working for you at this time, just try later. There is limited bandwidth on the server.

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