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OEM Components – Mechanical

1) Positioning Systems - Y Axis

The ACLGS® (Akriti Composite Linear Guide System) was developed to provide a low friction, high strength solution for a gantry based CNC design that supports high travel speed while reducing instances of gantry lock up.

Made of Carbon Fibre & Glass Fibre Composite Sandwich beam as the main load bearing structure and high hardness stainless steel for the sliding surface, the ACLGS® comprises of a sixteen wheel rolling carriage that ensures precise positioning and mechanical accuracy.

Underwriters Laboratory Lab tested solution

A total of 32 sealed ball bearings ensure optimum load distribution while also ensuring high tolerance to machining dust and chips.

The ACLGS® is easy to service being vacuum friendly and the only use of stainless steel components simply ensures a corrosion-free experience.

2) Positioning Systems (cont.) - Y & X Axis

1605 Rolled Ball Screws and HG 20 Linear Guides from Hiwin/GLT are used for the X and Y positioning system.

IMPORTANT – The systems are pre-lubricated and you are advised to follow the OEM standards on lubrication, which can be found at the following link 

Hiwin – (Can also be used for GLT)

Ball Screw

Linear Guide

3) Positioning Systems - Z Axis

Igus Lead Screw System & Linear Guide

The Z-axis uses a 1604 Lead screw and a WS 16 guide system. Both these systems use lubricant impregnated, dust friendly lead screw nuts and blocks that require no lubrication by you.

Read more about Igus lubrication free solutions here

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