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OEM Components – Electrical

1) Spindle – Teknomotor

The Mighty is equipped with a 1 HP fan cooled electro spindle from Teknomotor that uses an ER 16 Collet system. Akriti supplies an ER 16 collet for bit sizes of 3mm. You are encouraged to purchase other collet sizes as per need. The specs sheet is as below.

The VFD is preconfigured to run on 300Hz frequency and is setup to a delta 3 phase connection, which will push the spindle to 18,000 RPM.

We encourage the user to learn more on the spindle by visiting the Teknomotor website.

2) Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The spindle is driven by a 1HP Variable Frequency Drive from Delta. The package includes the user manual and configuration documentation from the OEM.

The VFD is set to a delta 3 phase configuration at 300Hz. The softcopy of the user manual can be downloaded at the following locations – 

The VFD connects to the spindle through a shielded 4 core cable with three phase lines and earth.

3) Stepper Motors

The CXC3 Mighty uses two types of Hybrid Stepper motors manufactured by MechTex India

  • Nema 24 – 210 Ncm motors for X and Y Axis
  • Nema 23 – 110 Ncm motor for Z Axis

The Spec sheet for both motors are attached as images below

Nema 24

Nema 23

4) Stepper Drivers

The Hybrid Stepper Motors are driven by Mid Band Resonance compensated drivers from TinyControls. The drivers are preconfigured to the correct current settings of 2.8Amps for the Nema 24 motors and 2 Amps for the Nema 23 motor. They are preset to 10 microsteps.


The detailed user manual is available at the following link. –


5) Power Supply

The CXC Mighty uses a 36Volt, 10Amp Switch Mode Power Supply from Shavison. The power supply module has an automatic cooling fan with 3 pairs of output DC terminals along with a pot to finetune the output voltage  and an input fuse to protect against overvoltage/current surge.

The data sheet for the power supply can be accessed at the following link

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