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Workplace safety is very important in the industry. Additionally, it is essential to create a safe and protected environment at work. Health and safety are key factors to promote the wellness of both operators and their machines. With that in mind, let us look at some safe practices while working in a machine shop.


    • Make sure to wear
    –  safety glasses at all times
    –  ear plugs when needed
    –  good pair of boots, preferably leather
    –  a cap to keep long hair tucked in.


    • Keep your hands away and stay clear from any moving parts when the machine is operational.
    • Always keep the area around the machine clear of obstacles.
    • Make sure that the work and all fixtures are clamped securely before starting the machine.
    • Always conduct a dry run to ensure the program is correct.
    • Always have at least one person observing the CNC machine while it is operational.
    • Ensure that you turn the machine off completely and clean it whenever you have finished using it.


  • Never operate a machine you have not been trained for.
  • Do not wear gloves while operating the CNC machine, as these may get entangled in the moving parts.
  • Do not wear jewelry, watches or any loose clothing or have long hair that is not covered as these may get caught in the machine causing you serious injury.
  • Do not try to reach into a running machine, especially near the spindle.
  • Do not use compressed air to blow chips from the parts of the machine, machine surfaces, cabinets, controls or floor around the machine.
  • Do not use the machine table as a workbench.

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