Introducing the CXC3 MIGHTY, the WORLD’s FIRST, Composite Structured 3-Axis CNC, utilizing a Carbon Fiber & Fiber Glass Composite, inter-spread with Stainless Steel gives it unmatched stiffness, rigidity and dampening properties in the Desktop CNC segment (tested by Underwriters Laboratory). 

These properties allow you to mill most materials including soft metals with <50 Micron repeat positioning accuracy. Along with the precision you get a large build area of 600 x 400 MM and 100 MM of Z Axis Travel.

Beyond the structure we have utilized world class parts & components, sourced from India (70%), Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Japan & Thailand to bring you a great versatile Desktop CNC Machine, that you will love to use and which will last you a lifetime*.

* Composite SuperStructure

If you are an engineering lab needing a quick prototype or a hobby enthusiast pursuing precision parts, the CXC3 – Mighty, is the right entry level CNC router for you. Featuring the innovative Akriti Composite Linear Guide System (ACLGS) on the Y Axis and Hiwin Linear guides on the X Axis with motion provided through Hiwin C7 Grade Ball Screws.

We offer you a variety of spindle/router options, that can process stock varying from woods, plastics, acrylic, composites, to soft metals like machinable grade Aluminium, lead, gold, silver, tin, zinc, copper, brass, marble, granite and bronze**.

Higher precision is possible through and upgrade to Made in India, C3 Grade, Ground Ball Screws with 8 Microns (0.008 MM) Repeat Positioning accuracy over 300 MM.


** For constant use on hard materials its recommended that you upgrade to a Double Bearing Spindle