A perfect machine for all your soft materials to make precision parts or components. The CXC4 MAJESTIC XL – PROFESSIONAL, is the right CNC router for you.

Its comes with an Extreme Precision WormGearbox with less than 5 Arc Minute Backlash from an Indian Manufacturer. Higher accuracy on X, Y & Z axis is also possible with higher grade of rolled and ground ball screws.

Zero Chinese Parts / Components

75% India. Rest from Taiwan, Italy & Germany

Inhouse Composite Fabrication for Superstructure

In-House Design

Virtual, In-Person & On Location Training Options Available

1 or 3 Years - Self Service or On Site Extended Warranty Available

Included Accessories for Quick Start out of Box

Shipping - On Actuals

Dust Free Operation Minimal Maintenance Required

Extensive Video
Web Content

Made in India Break Out Board

Open Source Software (LinuxCNC)

These are unparalleled capabilities at an extremely affordable prices. Our machine is like no other in terms of strength, materials used and potential applications in a Desktop form factor.

By utilizing a combination of Traditionally used CNC materials (Aluminium & Steel) and modern composites like Carbon Fiber, in an innovative package, we achieve high stiffness and rigidity.