TIO-0808 RS-485 Module (Digital and Analog Interface Card)

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Digital and Analog Interface Card

  • Analog Input : 0-10V non-isolated
  • PWM Output : 3.3v Duty and frequency variable, non-isolated
  • Analog Output: 0-10V isolated
  • Digital Inputs: 8 opto isolated
  • Outputs : 6 open collector for driving relays
  • Relay : 2 on board relays with N/O connections
  • Indicator : Test LED blink rate can be manipulated over RS-485
  • Address/Baud : DIP switch selectable
  • RS-485: For programming parameters and working in Online mode
  • Maximum operating Temperature: 70 degree Celsius (158 F).

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TIO-0808 RS-485 Module (Digital and Analog Interface Card)

Upgrade your digital and analog interface capabilities with the TIO-0808 RS-485 Module. This versatile module offers a range of specifications and benefits:

Key Specifications:

  • Analog Input: Non-isolated 0-10V input for precise analog signal handling.
  • PWM Output: Variable 3.3V duty and frequency for flexible PWM control.
  • Analog Output: Isolated 0-10V output for accurate analog signal generation.
  • Digital Inputs: 8 opto-isolated inputs for reliable digital signal detection.
  • Outputs: 6 open collector outputs for driving relays and other devices.
  • On-board Relays: 2 relays with N/O connections for convenient control.
  • Indicator: Test LED blink rate manipulation over RS-485 for easy monitoring.
  • Address/Baud: DIP switch selectable for flexible configuration.
  • RS-485: Enables parameter programming and online mode operation.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 70°C (158°F) for reliable performance in challenging environments.


  1. Enhanced Signal Handling: Accurate analog input and output for precise control.
  2. Flexible PWM Control: Adjust duty and frequency to suit your application needs.
  3. Reliable Digital Signal Detection: Opto-isolated inputs ensure reliable digital input detection.
  4. Convenient Output Options: Open collector outputs for seamless integration with external devices.
  5. Easy Control: On-board relays with N/O connections simplify control operations.
  6. Monitoring Made Easy: LED blink rate manipulation for convenient status monitoring.
  7. Versatile Configuration: DIP switch selectable address and baud settings for flexibility.
  8. Reliable Communication: RS-485 interface for seamless parameter programming and online operation.
  9. Robust Performance: Withstands high temperatures for reliable operation in demanding environments.

Upgrade your interface capabilities with the TIO-0808 RS-485 Module, providing enhanced signal handling, flexible control, and reliable communication. Experience its benefits for various applications and enjoy its reliable performance even in challenging conditions.