Teknomotor CNC Spindle – COM41470244 – DB – 2.2 KW – ER25 – MAX RPM 18000

MODEL – COM41470244
KW – 2.2
V (Δ/Y) – 220/380
MAX FREQ. HZ – 300
MAX RPM – 18,000
CURRENT (Δ/Y) – 8.6 / 5.0
KG’S – 8.43
Bearings – Double Bearing

* Price includes Import Duties & International shipping costs. Its subject to change due to currency fluctuations or updated communication from Teknomotor.
* Limited Stock available, can be ordered on demand.
*Large volume orders may lead to reduction in price per unit. send an email to support@akriti.tech for more details

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Service & support will be provided by Akriti Precision Systems Pvt. Ltd.. Please read the Warranty Terms & Conditions of Teknomotor (Link) for their products and the Service & Repair Terms & Conditions of Akriti Precision Systems (Link)

Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions400 × 160 × 130 mm