3-Axis CNC Controller TNC-M33


Introducing the 3-Axis CNC Controller TNC-M33 with Handwheel. A high-performance solution for precise and efficient CNC machining. This Made-in-India controller offers a range of advanced features to enhance your CNC operations.

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3-Axis CNC Controller TNC-M33

3-Axis CNC Controller – Features:

  • TNC-M33 is designed for G-code programmable control.
  • Includes the TNE-100H 100ppr handwheel encoder for smooth and precise manual control.
  • Equipped with Differential Pulse/Direction outputs for seamless connection to Stepper and Servo Drives.
  • Configure each axis with independent adjustable maximum velocity and acceleration for optimized performance.
  • Enjoy independent operation with programs directly from a USB thumb drive for a convenient workflow.
  • Benefit from 4 Open collector outputs capable of driving 24v relays, expanding your control capabilities.
  • The controller features 4 opto-isolated inputs, ensuring reliable signal processing.
  • The inbuilt SPMS (Switching Power Management System) allows direct operation with a 220v AC power supply.


  1. Enhanced Precision: The TNC-M33 3-Axis CNC controller with a 100ppr handwheel encoder ensures accurate and precise control over your CNC machine’s movements.
  2. Versatile Compatibility: Connect the controller to both Stepper and Servo Drives, providing flexibility for various machining applications.
  3. Customizable Performance: Adjust the maximum velocity and acceleration for each axis independently, optimizing your machining speed and accuracy.
  4. Offline Convenience: Operate the controller independently using programs stored on a USB thumb drive, eliminating the need for constant computer connection.
  5. Expanded Control Options: Take advantage of the 4 Open collector outputs, enabling the integration of additional devices and expanding your control possibilities.
  6. Reliable Signal Processing: The Opto-isolated inputs ensure stable and interference-free signal reception, enhancing overall system reliability.
  7. Efficient Power Management: The inbuilt SPMS enables direct operation with a 220v AC power supply, simplifying setup and reducing power consumption.

Upgrade your CNC machining capabilities with the TNC-M33 3-Axis CNC Controller, designed to deliver exceptional performance and control for your manufacturing needs.

Note: For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the user manual provided.