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Parts Manufacturing with a CNC

Whether it’s an industrial product or a prototype, CNC parts have a wide range of applications in every sector. CNC parts are quite popular across industries and materials. High precision, repeatability and the ability to create extremely complex geometries with relative ease is a extremely attractive factor.

CNC manufactured Parts are integral for several industries today and its demand is only going to increase.

A simple set of gears being made with wood. Gears have various applications, and making them quickly and efficiently is key.

Making the model from the image above.

More Details are available here –

The designer here has used a laser but this can also be achieved with a CNC. The design file is also included on the website.

The internet has a lot to offer as there are several DIY ( Do It Yourself) innovators who share their work and sometimes even designs.

Just search and you are certain to get a few hits.

Here are a few resources to get you started with designing and cutting your own projects. Laser cutting projects can also be modified and used for CNC’s.

1) (Free) –

2) MakeCNC (Paid) –

3) DesignsCNC (Free) –


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