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Examples of Model Making using CNC’s

All types of models for use in teaching/learning or even for commercial use, like planes, trains, buildings etc. can be made with exceptional details using a CNC machine.

A few examples from the web are given here for reference and motivation.

A complete castle made using a 3-Axis CNC. Multiple 2D Designs were made and then cut on plastic sheets to make amazing details.


Read More here –

Architectural & Structural Models are also possible with the right design and the right bit.


See Some Great Examples Here – 


A model plane made using both a CNC & a 3D Printer

The internet has a lot to offer as there are several DIY ( Do It Yourself) innovators who share their work and sometimes even designs.

Just search and you are certain to get a few hits.

Here are a few resources to get you started with designing and cutting your own projects. Laser cutting projects can also be modified and used for CNC’s.

1) (Free) –

2) MakeCNC (Paid) –

3) DesignsCNC (Free) –


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