Training On-Site – Bangalore + 300 KM’s

Orientation & Training (On Site – Your Location)

A detailed 12 hour training spread over two days of your choice. One trainer to visit location and deliver training.

Purchase of CNC is a must to utilize this training.

Cost is inclusive of GST.

Read below for more details.

16,999.00 Price without Tax

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Duration – 12 total hours not including breaks. To be broken up based on agreement. Must be covered within a 36 hour period. 

Training Topics

  • Orientation – Capabilities 8 Limitations
  • Difference between cutting, milling routing etc.
  • Introduction to the Device and all the components
  • Installing bits and collets
  • Readying the stock / material
  • Introduction to Universal Gcode Sender software.
  • Homing the machine
  • General Machine Movement
  • Basic minimum requirements of the design software to prepare the Gcode
  • Preparing the design code (Gcode)
  • Preparing machine to start routing / milling
  • Things to watch out for during routing / milling process
  • How to steup Feed rates, spindle speeds for different materials.
  • Practical Hands on Exercise with test stock/material and a simple design
  • Machine part replacement
  • Removeable components and Connections Demonstration

What will not be covered / included

  • Creating a design in a design software
    1. Requires self study (Online) – Depends on chosen software
    2. Links can be provided
  • How to work with all types of materials? Requires experience and self-study (online)
    1. Online Resources can be provided
    2. Only 2 materials will be covered – Wood & Composites
  • Special requests for special / custom designs to be cut and milled

Preparation Required – Customer

  • Machine & Electronics Board removed and from packaging box and placed in the area where it will be used most.
  • Electricity Connections available & ready to go.
  • Windows or Linux PC setup and with a design software installed with designs of your choice


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