Training In-Person – At Factory Location

Orientation & Training (In Person – Bangalore Factory)

A detailed 12 hour training spread over two days (Fridays & Saturdays Only) at our factory location in Bangalore.

This training is free for all interested buyers. Purchase of CNC is a must to utilize this offer.

Read below for more details.

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Cost Headings and Owners

  • Customer
    1. Air / Rail / Vehicle Travel & Taxi to & From Hotel if applicable
    2. Food Expenses – During non-training periods
    3. Any other misc. expense for the employee
  • Akriti Precision Systems –
    1. Pickup and drop to and from the Hotel (within 5 KM’s of location)
    2. Food during Training time
    3. Materials to practice milling

Training Details

  • Duration 1 ½ Days
  • Training Topics
    1. Orientation – Capabilities & Limitations
    2. Difference between cutting, milling routing etc.
    3. Introduction to the Device and all the components
    4. Installing bits and collets
    5. Readying the stock / material
    6. Introduction to Universal Gcode Sender software.
    7. Homing the machine
    8. General Machine Movement
    9. Basic minimum requirements of the design software to prepare the Gcode
    10. Preparing the design code (Gcode)
    11. Preparing machine to start routing / milling
    12. Things to watch out for during routing / milling process
    13. How to steup Feed rates, spindle speeds for different materials.
    14. Practical Hands on Exercise with test stock/material and a simple design
    15. Machine part replacement
    16. Removeable components and Connections Demonstration

What will not be covered / included

  • Creating a design in a design software
    1. Requires self study (Online) – Depends on chosen software
    2. Links can be provided
  • How to work with all types of materials? Requires experience and self-study (online)
    1. Online Resources can be provided
    2. Only 2 materials will be covered – Wood & Composites
  • Special requests for special / custom designs to be cut and milled

Trainee can design their own content in their own time and that can be entertained within reason.

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