Practical Products made with MDF

See the embedded videos below that showcase some practical products made with MDF that can also be replicated with high accuracy across different materials. These and other similar designs can also be made into and sold as commercial products. 

Video 1

A Jaali Design that can be used to make a nightlight. Cutting a base & top with 3 / 4 identical pieces & a light in the middle. With 3 / 4 pieces you can make it in a triangular or square/rectangular. 

Video 2

A Teabag Design in multiple pieces that can be assembled and made into a functional product for hotels / restaurants etc.

Video 3

A design from a Childrens Cartoon (Totoro) in a single piece that can be assembled and made into a functional nightlight. A frame with soft LED’s in the back, an opaque acrylic / plastic sheet and the design in front will make it an ideal children’s nightlight.

These only some of the many thousands of practical products the can be made with MDF on Akriti CNC Machines.

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