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A precision router for woodworking industries that require large build areas 1000 MM * 750 MM

It features IGUS W Profile Guides on all axes to provide great strength & accuracy 

We offer you a variety of spindle/router options, that can process stock varying from woods and plastics, to soft metals like machinable grade aluminium. 

16mm IGUS lead screws with backlash compensation are driven by a combination of Stepper motors from Mechtex and Drivers from Tiny Controls.
The Z Axis slides on an IGUS WS 16 linear rail ensuring a chatter free, highly damped and accurate positioning system.


The high composite content (Carbon Fiber / Fiber Glass / Steel) in the frame ensures long mechanical accuracy due to better modulus of elasticity and loss co-efficients than materials used in other CNC’s in this class.
This allowing us to offer you an unmatched product & great warranty options.

Using Best in Class Components & Materials We Give you Unmatched Performance

< 0 Micron
Repeat Positioning Accuracy​


1000 MM x 750 MM. One of the largest in its class giving you ample space to design what you want.

1300 MM x 1100 MM. Does not include the Electronics Box. 

> 0 MM
Z Axis Travel

Product Specifications

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