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Maintenance Schedule

Cleaning – The machine can be cleaned periodically or based on hours of usage or based on need in the following manner

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and any other particulate matter on the machine.
  2. Use compressed air to blow away dust and sediment that the vacuum fails to remove
  3. Wipe down the guide rails and ball screws with clean dry cloth to further remove grime / dried grease
  4. Lastly use Iso Propyl Alcohol to wipe down all parts of the machine (both composite and metallic)

* Do not use Acetone for cleaning purposes

Lubrication – The machine performance is dependent on well lubrication of motion elements. It is recommended that the linear guides and ball screws are relubricated for every 1000 hours of operation.

 Every linear guide block and ball screw nut is provided with lubrication channels to facilitate the same. It is advised that Lithium based grease is used.

Protective Devices

  1. Emergency Switch – The emergency switch located on the front panel of the control box will arrest and stop the machine instantaneously in case the need arises
  2. The Main Circuit breakers ensure a system shutdown in case of any overload / spike
  3. The limit switches ensure that the machine does not try to move beyond its designed physical limits
  4. The dust protector is provided to evacuate machining dust in real time using a vacuum channel
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